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In 1980 an entrepreneur in Lexington Kentucky launched a new business, named P & S Products. This new business was in a production facility of only 2,000 square feet, and employing three people working with a few drills, band saws and hydraulic assembly presses. They were performing fabrication and assembly on contract. The new company achieved sales of about $100,000 in the first year. By 1988, capitalizing on experience gained in the rubber molding business, the owners invested in a few pieces of molding equipment, moved the operation to a larger facility and forged into the business of molding rubber components for industrial manufacturers.

Keen management drove the small company to winning additional contracts from users, throughout the United States, of rubber and plastic parts. Both commitment to quality and investment in facility continued to grow - along with the company's success.

In 1993, renamed MOLDING SOLUTIONS, the enterprise was moved to a newly constructed, 25,000 square feet manufacturing facility, where the now 40 employees could be more comfortably situated and productive. In addition, new equipment was purchased to expand the manufacturing capabilities and continue the economic growth of the entrepreneur's endeavors. This building was expanded to 36,000 square feet in 2012.

MOLDING SOLUTIONS is graced by serving customers - dealing nationally and internationally. Product is shipped to locations across the globe. Focus is on industrial, military, medical and scientific markets, with components made of a wide range of materials and processes.

Over time, MOLDING SOLUTIONS has moved into a niche of providing customers with solutions to their challenge products. By leveraging talented people, current technology, creativity and a strong desire to satisfy the customer, MOLDING SOLUTIONS has become talented at converting our customers' challenges into solutions.

In the spring of 2015, Molding Solutions celebrated their 35th anniversary. This was 35 years of debt-free, business success 35 years of providing good employment, making customers happy and being a positive force in the marketplace. Molding Solutions is proud of what they have been able to accomplish.

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