Rubber Molding Processes
Utilizing injection, compression and transfer molding methods, Molding Solutions rubber products span several ranges: size, material, color and construction. From tiny grommets, huge bellows and liners for valves of a variety of sizes. From minuscule rings, to parts weighed by the pound, and production of an equally wide variety of raw materials: Nitrile, Viton (TM, DuPont Dow Elastomers, L.C.C.), Silicones, Aflas (TM, Asahi Glass), Butyl rubber, Natural rubber, Neoprene and others - all in available in various hardnesses, and several in an array of colors. Materials are available to meet environmental extremes or for food, dairy or medical applications (See Specialty Elastomers). For critical applications, flashless molding technologies are available.

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